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Our Services

Giles Excavating, LLC, is a family-owned, excavating business based in Chetek, Wisconsin. We serve Barron County and surrounding areas. We offer lot & land clearing, general earthwork, trucking, lime hauling & spreading, trenching, grading & drainage solutions, logging & tree services, and demolition & removal. We also provide custom construction, concrete work, excavating, and grading work tailored to the unique needs of your project.


As a small, local business, we are able to give responsive, personal, high-quality service and results to our valued customers. We welcome the opportunity to serve you!   


We offer trucking of sand, grave, rock or lime. We also offer lime spreading for farm fields. We are able to better serve our customers by hauling our own materials to job sites and customers. 


Grading, Trenching & Drainage Solutions

Grading, trenching & drainage solutions can be done for driveways, new construction, field or land lots, and ditches. Grading, sloping, and fixing a waterway drainage issue can also fix flooding in yards, fields, and landscapes. 

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Giles Excavating Chetek Wisconsin Lot & Land Clearing

Lot & Land Clearing

Lot & land clearing services are perfect for new construction, food plots, improving landscapes, and making the land more usable for the property owner.

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General Earthwork

General earthwork includes moving hills or mounds of dirt, reshaping driveways or land, backfilling, shouldering, driveway builds, reconstruction, digging basements, and prepping site construction.


Logging & Tree Services

Logging can not only help new vegetation grow, but can also allow other trees to grow to be more mature for harvest in the future. Trees, shrubs, and bushes can also be removed from yards or land to clear the property of vegetative debris. 


Demolition & Removal

Demolition & removal can increase your property value and lower your insurance risk by taking away dangerously dilapidated or falling structures. We assess the structure and create a plan to make sure the demolition is done as safely as possible. 

Custom Construction, Excavating, and Grading Work & More

We offer just about any custom construction, excavating, and grading work. We offer trucking, concrete work as well as lime spreading and hauling for farm fields. We can prep gravel pads for concrete projects or storage sheds, dig basements for new houses and construction, or deliver gravel, rock or sand.

Contact us to see what we can do for you!


I contacted Giles Excavating about some grade and drain tile issues at my house. His response was quick and he gave me a full plan for the issues I had. Project was done quickly and right. I've had no issues. He respected my property and did as minimal damage as possible!

Josh Huiras

About Us

Giles Excavating Chetek Wisconsin About

Meet the Giles Family

Austin and Megan Giles got into the excavating business when Austin realized how much he valued being home with his family and not on the road traveling for work.


In 2020, Austin decided that pursuing his lifelong dream of owning an excavating company would allow him to spend more time with family while also experiencing the satisfaction of working for himself. With eight years of heavy equipment operation and a national crane certification under his belt, Austin took the plunge into self-employment in January of 2022. He and Megan bought an excavator that month and began their first projects. In April of 2022, they bought a dump truck to haul their own gravel and materials. Giles Excavating continues to grow and explore new ways to help current and future customers. Giles Excavating aims to provide high-quality excavating services that are beneficial to the Chetek area and surrounding communities. 


Austin and Megan have two sons, Easton and Fenton. The Giles family lives on a century farm, where they also own and manage a beef herd. They are proud to carry on the legacy of that family farm, while also starting a new family legacy with Giles Excavating, LLC.


Giles Excavating Chetek Wisconsin Earthwork

How We Work With You

Giles Excavating is committed to your satisfaction and project success. Here's how we make it happen: 

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Giles Excavating Chetek Wisconsin Earthwork
Giles Excavating Chetek Wisconsin Earthwork

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Please fill out this form and Giles Excavating will connect with you in 24-48 hours. If you need an immediate response, call or text Austin at 715-642-4335

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